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Carry over employees' unused annual leave
Carry over employees' unused annual leave

How to carry over any annual leave not used by employees.

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Some businesses let employees roll over some of their unused annual leave to use in the next year. In Sage HR you can set up a time off policy to allow unused time off to be carried over.

📎NOTE: When you enable this setting, make sure you approve or decline all pending time off requests for the current year before the end of the year.

  1. Click on your name on the top right.

  2. Click Settings.

  3. On the settings menu, click Time off.

  4. Click Policies, then select the Settings button of the relevant policy.

  5. On the drop down next to Unused time select carry over.

  6. Set a maximum amount of carried-over leave. If there is no maximum then set it as zero.

    📌TIP: Days are based on the default working hours of the policy. For example, if the default working hours of the policy is 7 hours, a maximum carryover over 5 days of annual leave would be 35 hours.

  7. If required, set an expiry date for the carryover. This is in months and ranges from never to 12 months.

    📎NOTE: After the expiry date, the carryover leave can't be carried over again.

    EXAMPLE: In the example above, a policy is set up to allow an employee to carry over up to a maximum of five days of unused leave to be used before the end of the next year.

  8. When you're done, scroll down and click Save.

You can view carried-over time off the following ways:

  • Employee profile > Time off tab

  • Reports > Time off > Time off status report

📌TIP: You can also manually edit carried-over time off for an employee.

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