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View an employee's time off balance
View an employee's time off balance

How to see leave balance of an employee.

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If you need to see the time off balance for an employee there are two places that are best to do this.

Employee profile

  1. Go to the employee's profile.

  2. On the profile menu, click Time off.

Here you can see your time off summary showing how much time off the employee has remaining in their assigned time off policies.

Under Time off details you can see more details about your time off policies such as:

  • The allowance period

  • Policy balance

  • Accrual

    • Current period

    • Carry over

📌TIP: You can manually change the balance in the current period for a time off policy by clicking Change balance - Read more >

Under Time off approved by is a list of time off approvers for this employee.

Time off history

Under Time off history you can see any active time off requests, as well as historic time off for the employee. You can cancel and edit time off requests from here.

Time off status report

If you want to view the time off balance for multiple employees on one page, you can use the Time off status report.

📎NOTE: You can only view by one policy at a time.

  1. On the main menu click Reports.

  2. Click Time off, then Time off status.

  3. Select the policy from the drop down.

  4. Select the period from the drop down.

  5. Select whether to view the status as of today or a custom date.

    📌TIP: If you don't want to include future time off requests that have been approved, select Exclude approved time off requests in future. This will exclude them from tomorrow until the end of current period. Any multi-date time off requests which started today or earlier will also not be included.

  6. If required you can filter employees by team and location.

  7. Click Run report.

    You'll then see a list of employees relevant to your search criteria.

    📌TIP: If you want to download this report, click Download excel.

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