Clock in option doesn't appear

What to check if an employee doesn't have a clock in option, either on their dashboard on the website version or on the Sage HR app.

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In Sage HR you can set up the Timesheets module so that employees can clock in and out from their dashboard.

If an employee doesn't have the clock in option when you think they should have, make the following checks.

Has the time clock been enabled?

For employees to be able to clock in, Enable time clock in your Timesheets settings must be enabled - Read more >

Is the employee in a timesheets group?

An employee doesn't have access to timesheets unless they've been assigned to a timesheets group - Read more >

You can check if the employee is in a timesheets group by clicking on the number next to the group in the Employees column.

This will then list every employee in that group.

If you click on the number next Employees without timesheets you will see every employee listed who isn't yet assigned to a timesheet group.

Has clock in from a phone been enabled in timesheets group?

An employee can't clock in using the Sage HR app unless the timesheet group an employee is assigned to has been set up to allow employees to clock in from a mobile device - Read more >

📎NOTE: For clock in from mobile to work, you must not have the API option enabled as well.

Has employee check their Dashboard widgets?

It is possible that the employee's clock in option has been hidden on their dashboard in the website version for Sage HR.

Ask them to check this by clicking on the wrench icon. Hidden widgets appear which they can re-add to the dashboard.

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