Clocking in is a feature that allows employees to clock in and out of work rather than enter timesheet hours. These clocking times then show on employees’ timesheets.

To have the feature and it show on an employee's dashboard:

If this feature is required, the following steps explain how to set up clocking in.

Only employees with administrator or timesheet administrator access can follow these steps below.

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Turn on clocking in

  1. If you want employees to be able to manually clock in and out for work to keep an accurate tracks of when they have been working, this is simple to switch on.

  2. Click your name in the top right, then click Settings

  3. On the settings menu click Timesheets, then click Time clocking.

  4. Select Enable time clock.

  5. Click Save.

Now time clock has been enabled it is instantly available to all employees who are in timesheet groups.

📎NOTE: Once clock in is enabled, you can't enter timesheets manually.

Other clocking in settings are now also available.

Time clock rounding

  1. Click your name in the top right, then click Settings.

  2. On the settings menu click Timesheets, then click Time clocking

  3. On the Time clocking rounding drop-down, select what number of minutes you want clocking in to round to.

    This can be either:

    • 1 minute

    • 5 minutes

    • 10 minutes

    • 15 minutes

    It always rounds down the number.

    EXAMPLE: 5 minutes rounding means if an employee clocks in at 18:03, it records as 18:00. If an employee clocks in at 18:06, it records as 18:05. If an employee clocks in at 18:14, it records as 18:10 etc.

Automatically clock people out

You can select how long after someone clocks in you want to leave it till until they are automatically clocked out, this is useful in case someone forgets to clock out.

EXAMPLE: If John Doe clocks in at 09:00 and forgets to clock out, the system will clock out John at 21:00 with the below configuration of 12 hours.

Show clock in widget in Timesheets page

If you enable the clock in widget in timesheet page, when someone click on the Timesheets tab on the main menu or their profile menu, the clock in button will be there as well as on their Dashboard.

Manual clock in entries

If you select Manually add clock entries, this will allow users to add a clock in or out entry manually. So for example if someone forget to clock out for lunch at 12:30pm. you can manually add this in retrospectively.

For steps on how to add a clock entry manually - Read more >

Amend and delete clock entries

You can enable settings that allow clock entries to be edited and or deleted by employees. For example if someone did start working 20 minutes before they remembered to clock in at 9:20am, it can be amended to 9:01am.

Alternatively if someone clocks out by accident, that clock entry can be deleted.

  • To allow clock entries to be amended select Edit clock entries.

  • To allow clock entries to be deleted select Delete clock entries.

For steps on how to edit and delete clock entries - Read more >


You switch on whether you want warning icons to appear on timesheets for days where employees have manually edited clocked out hours.

This is useful to check whether employees are messing with their figures to hide being late or to look like they worked more hours than they actually did.

Just click on the slider to turn this on or off, then click Save.

Enable employees to clock in using the Sage HR app

Once you've finished configuring your clocking in settings, if you want employees to be able to clock in and out using the Sage HR app, follow the steps in this guide - Read more >

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