Timesheets has four access levels:

  • Administrator - This is the main Sage HR administrator access level. They can see and do everything in the system.

  • Timesheet administrator – A unique employee who can see and do everything related to any employee who has timesheets. On top of that, this person will have access to "Timesheets" tab in the Settings menu. This means this person can manage Timesheet groups -They can add/edit employees and managers assigned to them.

  • Timesheet group manager - Similar to team managers, these employees will be able to view, edit and approve timesheets for the employees in their timesheet group.

  • Timesheet group employee - Employees assigned to a timesheet group have timesheets enabled. They can edit their timesheet and submit it to the manager for approval based on your timesheet settings. Once a timesheet is submitted, the employee cannot edit it anymore.

📎NOTE: Timesheet group managers and employees are assigned when you create timesheet groups.

Only employees with administrator or timesheet administrator access can follow these steps below.

Set up Timesheet Administrators

  1. Click your name in the top right, then click Settings.

  2. On the settings menu click TIMESHEETS, then click General.

  3. Under Timesheet administrators, type the name for the employee(s) you want to be the timesheet administrator(s).

4. Scroll down and select the timesheets general settings options that you want to apply. Here you can apply settings such as enable employees to clock in and out and whether you want your timesheets to pre-fill using working patterns, using scheduling or not pre-fill at all.

5. Click SAVE.

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