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Set up timesheets permissions
Set up timesheets permissions

Allow who you want access use timesheets, timesheets settings and reports.

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Timesheets has four access levels:

  • Administrator - This is the main Sage HR administrator access level. They can see and do everything in the system, including having access to Timesheets settings, and being able to approve timesheets for all employees.

  • Timesheet administrator – A unique employee who has access to Timesheets settings. This person can amend any timesheets setting including being able to manage Timesheet groups - They can add/edit employees and managers assigned to them.

  • Timesheet group manager - These employees have access to timesheets and can view, edit and approve timesheets for the employees in their timesheet group.

  • Timesheet group employee - Employees assigned to a timesheet group have timesheets enabled and can access their timesheets. They can edit their timesheet and submit it to the manager for approval based on your timesheet settings. Once a timesheet is submitted, the employee can't edit it anymore.

📎NOTE: Timesheet group managers and employees are assigned when you create timesheet groups.

Only employees with administrator or timesheet administrator access can follow these steps below.

Add a Timesheet Admin

This can be added by an admin or an existing timesheets admin.

Add a Timesheet group manager

You can add timesheet group manager as you create a timesheet group, or later at any time when you click Eligibility on that group.

Add employees to a timesheet group

To give employees access to a Timesheets, they must be assigned to a timesheet group which you can do as you create a timesheet group, or later at any time when you click Eligibility on that group.

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