The new Sage HR Mobile app supports the clock in/out functionality for Timesheets users.

This article explains steps to enable clock in/out functionality in the new Sage HR Mobile app. These steps should be carried out by an employer in order to make the Clock-in widget available for employees on mobile.

📎NOTE: Clock-in functionality is part of the Timesheets module. To use the clocking in functionality you need to enable it in your Sage HR company account

📎NOTE:Only employees with administrator or timesheet administrator access can follow the steps below.

Step 1 - Enable clocking in feature in the settings of your Timesheets module

For steps on how to enable this feature in Timesheets settings - Read more >

Once enabled it is instantly available to all employees who are in timesheet groups.

Step 2 - Make sure relevant employees are in a Timesheet Group

Timesheets functionality (including clocking in) is available to the employees who belong to a Timesheets group. If an employee isn't allocated to a Timesheets group, they will not be able to log their hours and clock in.

For more information on setting up timesheet groups and assigning employees to them - Read more >

Step 3 - Allow employees from a Timesheets group to clock in using Mobile

Once you have a timesheet group, and you have ensured relevant employees are in assigned to it, you can enable a setting that allows them to clock in via the Sage HR app - Read more >

After implementing all steps above, the clock in widget should appear on the dashboard of your employee's mobile device:

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