If you are trying to download a payslip or P60 that is listed on Payslips & P60s on yours or an employee's profile, but it won't download, try these troubleshooting steps below.

📎NOTE: If you are logged in as a user with admin rights, check with the main admin that you have been given access to view other employee payslips - Read more >

Clear cache/cookies

Clearing the cache, cookies and temporary Internet files in the Control Panel and browser - Read more >

Try a different Internet browser

If you use Microsoft Edge for example, try logging into Sage HR Online Services and downloading your payslip in Google Chrome.

Try different methods of downloading

There are three ways to download a payslip or P60.

Option 1

You can select the payslip(s) then click the Download button.

Option 2

You can also click on the three dots on the relevant payslip, then click Download

Option 3

You can click on the three dots, click View then click Save as PDF.

Issue persists?

If you still can't download the payslip or P60, you can ask your payroll administrator to re-upload the payslip.

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