Add open shifts

Once the schedule group has open shifts enabled, group managers can add open shifts for employees to pick up themselves.

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Open shifts are shifts that your employees choose to pick up on a first come first serve basis. As a schedule group manager, scheduling admin, or admin, you have access to add open shifts to a group’s schedule.

📎NOTE: You can only use open shifts if they have been enabled in the schedule group.

How to add open shifts for employees to pick up

  1. On the main menu click Schedule.

  2. Filter the schedule by the group you want to add open shifts to.

  3. You will see a row for Open shifts.

    Here you can add and edit as many open shifts as you need for every day in the schedule.

  4. Click on the day where you want to add an open shift.

    📌TIP: To add a new shift on a day that already has open shifts on it, you can click on the "+" sign that appears when you hover on the shift

  5. A modal appears for you to add the shift’s specifics.
    Now specify:

    • Name of the shift

    • Start and end time

    • Unpaid break duration

    • Area

    • Number of available shifts to be picked up by the employees in the group.

      📌TIP: If this open shift will be repeatedly used, you can save it as a template and reuse it in other days - Read more >

  6. Click Add shift.

    The shifts now show in Open shifts.

  7. Once you’re done working on the schedule, adding other open shifts or assigning shifts directly to employees you can proceed to publish the schedule by clicking Publish.

  8. You can decide what shifts to publish (open shifts, assigned shifts or both) and also to notify employees about their publishing.

Now employees can pick up shifts from the available open shifts you have added to their group’s schedule.

Once all available slots have been taken, the open shift disappears from employees’ schedules. They will no longer be able to pick up shifts from it unless any employee releases their taken slot.

📌TIP: As a schedule group manager and admin you can see the number of slots still available to be picked up on the shift. As employees pick up or release shifts, this number changes to reflect available slots.

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