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Employees picking up open shifts
Employees picking up open shifts

Once open shifts have been added to a group's schedule, employees in the group can start picking up the shifts that best suit them.

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Once a schedule group manager, scheduling admin, or admin has added open shifts to the group’s schedule, employees can pick up available shifts by following these steps.

  1. Go to Schedule on the main side menu

  2. Choose group you want to pick up a shift from

  3. Open shifts will appear on the first row of the schedule

  4. If there are available open shifts you will see a button specifying the number of different shifts available for the day. Click on this button and a drawer will open on the right side of the page

  5. Here you can see a list of the shifts available for you to pick up on the selected day.

    To grab a shift, just click on the one that you have decided on and it is immediately added to your schedule.

    📌TIP: You can keep picking up shifts for that or any other days by using the arrows at the top of the open shift drawer.

📎NOTE: Sage HR takes into account any rules that have been set up by the administrator in order to comply with company policy or legislation regarding shifts. This means that you will not see shifts that are not compatible with your schedule because of:

  • Overlapping hours

  • Limits set to your schedule group

You have now taken one of the available slots for one or several open shifts available to your group.

Learn here how to release a shift so that other employees in your group can take your slot if you decide to change your plans.

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