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Enable open shifts for your schedule groups
Enable open shifts for your schedule groups

Learn what are the advantages of open shifts and how to enable them on your schedule groups.

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What are Open Shifts?

Open shifts is a feature that empowers your employee's self-service capabilities on Sage HR.

Schedule group managers can create shifts that need to be covered during a day without assigning them. Employees can then decide to pick up the shifts that best suit them.

This way, schedule managers are released from the burden of planning the schedule for every employee by empowering them to self-organise and pick up their own shifts.

Requirements to enable this feature

  • You need to have the Shift scheduling module

  • You need to be a Scheduling Administrator or Admin

Enabling open shifts

  1. Click on your name on the top right, then click Settings.

  2. On the Settings menu, click Scheduling, then click Schedule groups.

  3. On the relevant schedule group, click on the pencil button.

  4. Select Enable open shifts.

Now schedule group managers, schedule administrators and admins can create open shifts on the their group’s schedule. Employees can then pick up the available slots to add them to their schedules.

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