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What are project timesheets?

Find out more about this new feature in the Timesheets module.

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Projects timesheets is feature of the Timesheets module to help track hours spent on certain projects, tasks, or areas of focus.

What's the difference between timesheets and project timesheets?

Timesheets are recorded and submitted to help keep track of what hours employees have worked, which is important for working out pay and whether contracted hours are being fulfilled.

The purpose of project timesheets is not related to pay, but to help keep track of what hours have been put into a certain project or task.

EXAMPLE: An Art Gallery wants to track how many hours have been spent preparing for and working on a new exhibition. A project gets created in Sage HR for that exhibition, and relevant employees enter their hours spent working on that exhibition.

What do I need to use project timesheets?

To use project timesheets, you require the Timesheets module.

Don't have Timesheets? Find out more about the module including how to get it and how to set it up.

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