If you have downloaded and logged into the new Sage HR app, you can use it to submit expenses directly from your phone if you have the Expenses module.

Get to expenses on the app

On your Dashboard, if you have been added to an expenses group, you will see Expenses listed on Workspace.

To view your expenses or add a new one, tap on Workspace, then tap on the Expenses tile.

Here you see your expenses, which will either be marked as:

  • Paid

  • Awaiting approval

  • Awaiting payout

  • Declined.

You can select which year you want to look at as well as filter which status of expenses you want to view e.g. if you only want to see expenses that have been paid.

You can submit a new expense from this page by tapping ➕ on the top right.

Submit a new expense

  1. On your Home or Workspace page on the app tap on the ➕ on the bottom.

    You can also add an expense from the expenses page.

  2. Tap New expense.

  3. Enter in the relevant information for the expense.

    You can also click on the flag the right of Total including VAT to change the currency e.g GBP to Euro.

    If you have a photo of your receipt, you can add an attachment from your camera roll. Tap Add an attachment and then either take a photo or browse your photos or documents.

  4. Tap Submit your expense.

    You are shown a summary of your expense request. You can add another or tap Close.

Once done whenever you browse to expenses, your expense will be listed as waiting for approval. Once approved or declined, the status will change.

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