Once an expense has been approved, the expense is then ready to pay out.

📎NOTE: Whoever can pay out an expense is determined by your expenses general settings. Payouts are either handled by the expense group manager of the employee, or by an expenses administrator.

There are two ways to pay out an approve an expense:

  • My tasks on the dashboard

  • Expenses on the profile menu.

Approve expense via the dashboard

  1. Click on DASHBOARD.

  2. Under My tasks, next to the expense, click on PAY OUT or click on the red cross to decline.

📌TIP: To view details of the expense click on the eye icon.

Approve expense via employee profile.

  1. Go to your employee's profile who needs the expense. You can search for them in the top left, or browse to them if you click on COMPANY on the main menu.

  2. Make sure you are on the Awaiting payment tab. This only shows if you are a payout handler.

  3. Select the expense then click PAY FOR SELECTED to pay it or click DECLINE SELECTED to decline.

📌TIP: The Awaiting payment tab only shows if you are a payout handler.

📌TIP: To edit the expense click on the pencil icon. To delete the expense click on the rubbish bin icon. If you click on the eye icon, this shows all the details of the expense.

Once the expense has been paid out, the expense now shows under the Completed tab.

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