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How to offboard an employee
How to offboard an employee

An overview how to process someone leaving your company in Sage HR.

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Step 1 - Set up offboarding

Before you offboard an employee, make sure you have set up your offboarding process.

Step 2 - Terminate employee

Show that the employee is either no longer an active employee. If they are still an active employee but soon won't be, you can set a termination date in the future.

Step 3 - Assign offboarding tasks or work flow to leaving employee

Assign tasks that need to be completed by your leaving employee or for them.

Step 3 - Make employee / managers aware of their tasks

Pending tasks will show on employees' dashboards in Sage HR, however it is worth contacting them to remind them that they are there to be done.

Step 4 - Complete offboarding tasks

Pending tasks will show on employees' dashboards in Sage HR

The task shows the name of the employee whose Task this relates to, its description, its due date and the opportunity to complete the task.

Step 5 - Check status of offboarding tasks

Use the Offboarding report to keep track of offboarding tasks and check which tasks are have been completed and which still need to be done.

Step 6 - (Optional) Delete terminated employee

If required, once you have terminated the leaving employee, and their offboarding process is complete, you can delete them from Sage HR.

⚠️CAUTION: This is a permanent action. If you delete an employee you cannot access any information from their employee record ever again. You can also no longer use the re-hire function for that ex-employee, instead you will have to manually add them again.

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