Performance module in Sage HR offers a simple & interactive tool that allows your employees to exchange Quick Feedback notes with themed badges. Those badges can be customised to represent & promote your corporate values - in this article we are telling you how!

To customise Quick Feedback badges, go to Settings -> Performance module -> "Quick feedback" section:

Quick Feedback in Sage HR

Here you can configure which badges are active & disabled, as well as add & delete custom badges. There are 6 badges that are pre-set in Sage HR:

  • "Collaborator

  • "Communicator"

  • "Idea generator"

  • "High achiever"

  • "Good job"

  • "Shares Knowledge

💡 Pre-set badges cannot be deleted but can be deactivated by removing a checkbox

Let's add a new, custom Quick Feedback badge. Click "Add custom badge" button, which will open a modal dialogue:

Adding a Custom Quick Feedback Badge

Here you can add the following attributes of a Quick feedback badge:

  • Title - this is a text that employees will see when picking a badge, e.g. "Good job!" or "Helping hand". The title can be changed later.

  • Image - that will be used as a badge and illustrate the title. Important: the image cannot be changed without deleting the Quick Feedback badge.

We recommend using square images on transparent backgrounds. The system will accept files of PNG and JPG formats, under 1 MB.

You will see a preview that allows seeing how your image will look on light & dark backgrounds:

When done setting up your badge, click "Continue". Your badge will be saved & will appear in the list of Disabled badges. Activate the badge by marking a checkbox next to the title of your badge!

💡 The maximum amount of simultaneously active Quick Feedback badges is 6.

And it's done! Your new badge is now enabled & visible to your employees. Celebrate by giving kudos with a new badge!

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