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Sage HR Newsletter - December 2020
Sage HR Newsletter - December 2020

Useful tips and advice on preparing for the end of the year.

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Welcome to our very first Sage HR newsletter. With the end of a very challenging 2020 fast approaching, we've collated some useful tips and articles to help prepare for it and the upcoming new year.

This includes how to run useful end of year reports, remind employees to use their unused time off, and how to configure settings to allow unused time off to be carried over to next year.

Prepare for 2021 with real-time HR Insights

Do you need to collate annual information on employee headcount, turnover and other key metrics?

In Sage HR you can access this instantly with our HR DASHBOARD in the Reports section.

With numerous filters including time periods, employees, teams, locations, positions and genders, you can drill down to get the most up to date information you need to make informed business decisions wherever you are.

For more information on the HR Dashboard - Click Here >

Chasing up employees to use their unused time off balance

When the end of your company holiday year approaches, how do you make sure your employees check and use up any unused balances? 

One way you can do so in Sage HR is to use  Announcements  to send a reminder to employees to check this.  This is another great communication tool to ensure your employees see important updates or messages.

Here’s an example of what you could send: 

You can also set email notifications for these and view who has read the announcement too! 

For more information on Announcements - Click here >

How to allow unused annual leave to be carried into 2021

Due to Covid-19, many people have taken less time off due to lockdown and travel restrictions or because they have been furloughed. As a result of this, many businesses have allowed their employees to carry over some unused annual leave for next year.

If you are considering doing the same, it is easy to configure time off policy settings to allow a maximum amount of carry over, as well as set an expiry period for it.

📎NOTE: If you want to do this you must make sure any pending time off requests for 2020 are approved or declined before the end of the year.

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