In Sage HR you can generate and view reports. Depending on the report, you can filter what you want to see, and once generated you can export or download it.

  • To access the HR dashboard and reports from the main menu, click REPORTS.


The HR Dashboard pulls together information that you can view at a glance:

  • Overview - This shows key metrics from your current data to give you real-time insights into your company. For example, average length of service, average age of employees, headcount and retention.

  • Headcount & movements - This shows an up-to-date list of employees in selected time period.

  • Turnover - the employee turnover rate is calculated using this formula:

  • Monthly turnover rate = (number of employees terminated within the month / average number of employees within the month) x 100.

  • Compensation - analyse salary by different segments, such as age and gender.

  • Gender - analyse staff gender by time, teams, locations and positions.

  • Age - This shows number of employees in each age range and you can analyse this by teams, locations and positions.

  • Length of service - This shows number of employees in each time frame.


The available reports depends on what modules you're currently using:


  • TIME OFF - Read more >

  • EMPLOYEE DATA - available on all variants

  • ONBOARDING - available on all variants




  • ACCESS LOG - available on all variants

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