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HR Dashboard and Reports
HR Dashboard and Reports

Useful information and reports in Sage HR.

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In Sage HR you can generate and view reports. Depending on the report, you can filter what you want to see, and once generated you can export or download it.

To access the HR dashboard and reports from the main menu, click Reports.


The HR Dashboard pulls together information that you can view at a glance:

  • Overview - This shows key metrics from your current data to give you real-time insights into your company. For example, average length of service, average age of employees, headcount and retention

  • Headcount & movements - This shows an up-to-date list of employees in selected time period. The figures shown are the headcount as at the end of the month

    EXAMPLE: New employees that have a start date in January (up to and including the 31 January) are included in the headcount for January. Terminated employees that have a termination date in January (up to and including 31 January) are excluded from the headcount for January.

  • Turnover - the employee turnover rate is calculated using this formula:

  • Monthly turnover rate = (number of employees terminated within the month / average number of employees within the month) x 100.

  • Compensation - analyse salary by different segments, such as age and gender.

  • Gender - analyse staff gender by time, teams, locations and positions.

  • Age - This shows number of employees in each age range and you can analyse this by teams, locations and positions

  • Length of service - This shows number of employees in each time frame


The available reports depends on what modules you're currently using:

  • Performance

  • Employee data - available on all variants

  • Onboarding - available on all variants

  • Scheduling

  • Timesheets

  • Expenses

  • Access log - available on all variants

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