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Leave Management reports
Leave Management reports

Time Off reports available in Sage HR.

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This article provides a summary of the Leave Management reports available in Sage HR and what they are for.

To get to these reports

  1. On the main menu click Reports.

  2. On the Reports menu click Time off.


Gives an overview of employees time off such as time off shown as a heatmap and

most used time off policies.

Time off status

This provides a time off balance breakdown at a glance. The report is broken down by policy, with the option to filter by dates, teams and locations.

📎NOTE: Exportable

Time off reports

Shows time off requests in specific selected date range. Displays for everyone or you can for a specific employee. You can filter for a specific time off policy, the time off request status and choose to display in days or hours.

📎NOTE: Exportable

Awaiting approval

Shows all time off requests still awaiting approval, resubmission approval, and replacement approval. Requests can be viewed, approved and declined from this report.

Employee reports

Gives an overview and a list of all time off taken by an employee during a selected period. All an employees assigned time off policies are included.

📎NOTE: Exportable

Replacement persons

If an employee requires a replacement person when they take time off for their policy, This report shows a list of employees who have been replacement person for these relevant employees and their time off requests in a selected data range.

Unused days

Shows the currently unused and available days from selected policy. Data reported by policy and split by teams. Click the bars of the bar chart to see a list of employees and their individual unused days.

Bradford factor

Works out negative effect of sick leave taken by employees. Your employee Bradford Factor score is based on absence days during the last 52 weeks. The calculation of the Bradford Factor (B) is Number of Occasions Sick (S) x Number of Occasions Sick (S) x Total Number of Days Absent (D). B = S x S x D.

Individual allowances

Provides overview of individual allowances for each employee, for each of their policies.

Birthdays and anniversaries

View upcoming birthdays and work anniversaries of employees.

📎NOTE: Exportable

Long term leave

In Leave Management there is the option to record someone as being off with Long-term leave. This report allows you to see active, previous and future long-term leaves. You can also edit and delete long-term leaves using this report too.

Time off ledger

This acts like an audit trail of all time off activity and transactions. You can also increase or decrease time off for an employee's time off balance from this page by recording a manual transaction

📎NOTE: Exportable

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