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eSignature in Sage HR

Collect signatures and consent from employees in a click of a button.

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eSignature is a simple and integral toolkit in our Documents function that allows sending paperless documents to your colleagues that they can sign right in Sage HR.

What can I do with eSignatures?

  • Get your documents out in minutes and get status reports when someone has signed

  • Go paperless with your HR by removing the need for paper contracts, NDAs, policies, printed in multiple copies per every employee. This helps the environment and saves you costs on printing too

  • Radically decrease signature turnaround time

  • Organise signable documents and track the status of the signature without having to chase the colleagues in person

  • If working remotely, exclude document shipping from the signature workflow, along with the wait, delays and associated costs

  • eSignatures is part of the Core HR module. No need to re-authenticate to an external system

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