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Leave Management module
Leave Management module

An introduction to the Leave Management module, available to make managing your employees' time off easier.

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The Leave Management module is there to help you manage the time off taken by your employees. Easily managing and keeping track of your staff's time off makes scheduling team meetings, managing projects, and resource planning so much easier for your business.

What can I use it for?

Below are some key features:

  • Create and manage time off policies - These are the different types of leave someone may take, for example, annual leave, sick leave, bereavement etc. Use the default ones available or even create your own

  • Request time off digitally - Employee can book their time off or have admins request time off for them

  • Approve time off digitally - Admins and managers can easily approve time off requested by employees

  • View a shared calendar - You can have a company calendar where all employees can see public holidays relevant to them, with the option of allowing them to see when others are not at work

  • Easy reporting to track time off taken by employees - Use reports to see time off taken by people in your company, or even see who still has unused days to use

How do I set it up?

Have you started a trial or subscribed to Leave Management yet?


Before you can start using Leave Management you need to either start a trial or subscribe to it. You can easily add the module from within Billing of your Sage HR company settings.


If you've added the Leave Management module you can follow our simple step-by-step instructions on how to set this module up.

Want to learn more?

Our free e-learns can help you get up to speed with Leave Management.

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