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Set up compensation

Set up the compensation module to keep track of your employees' salaries

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Compensation refers to money paid to employees, such as a salary, a bonus, or a one-off payment. The Compensation module allows you to keep track of your employees' salaries. Once set up you can add current or historic salaries you pay to an employee.

📎NOTE: Compensation is not available if you have Sage HR integrated with Sage Business Cloud Payroll.

Enable Compensation

  1. Logged in as an administrator, click your name in the top right, then click Settings.

  2. On the settings menu click Permissions, then click Global.

  3. Select Compensation.

    📎NOTE: If Compensation is not listed as an option, this is because your Sage HR company either already integrates or can integrate with Sage Business Cloud Payroll, where this feature isn't available.

Each employee now has new tab in their profile menu called "Compensation". Here you can add historic salary changes over time.

Compensation settings

📎NOTE: Only employees with administrator access can follow these steps.

Import compensations

As well as add compensation for an employee manually one by one, you can download our template and import historic compensation for multiple employees in one go.

Compensation types

By default there are three compensation types:

  • Bonus

  • Once

  • Salary

📎NOTE: You can only have one Ongoing Payment type at a time per employee.

If you need to create additional compensation types this is possible.

Compensation reasons

These reasons appear when you add compensation. They are only options for ongoing payment types. If required you can create additional reasons.

Control who can view employee compensation

To control whether someone can view their own other employee's compensation depends on what the View employee compensation permission is set to for roles someone is assigned to.

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