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Employee can't log in to the mobile app

Checks to make as an admin user if an employee isn't able to log in to the mobile app.

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When an employee is unable to log in to the mobile app, this can be because of the following reasons.

  • An admin user has terminated or deleted their profile

  • The email address they're using doesn't match the one in their Sage HR profile

  • They haven't set up their access from their welcome email

  • They're entering an incorrect password

  • They're entering an incorrect workspace

  • An admin user has disabled their access

To establish the cause of their issue, make the checks below.

1 - Is the employee been terminated?

A terminated employee can't log in on the Sage HR app. Check whether an employee appears on your terminated employee's report.

  1. In Sage HR as an admin, click Reports.

  2. Click Employee data, then on the dropdown click Terminated employees.

If the employee is on this report this means they're terminated, and this is why they can't log in on the mobile app.

📎NOTE: If your Sage HR company is integrated with Sage 50 Payroll (UK), a terminated employee can only log in to the web portal if enabled in your settings.

If the employee isn't on the terminated employees report, move on to the next step.

2 - Can they log in to the web portal?

We need to know if the problem is just related to the mobile app or the employee's login.

Check to see whether the employee is able to log in at

Can they log in via the Sage HR web portal?


Okay, let's move on to the next check.


If they're unable to log in to the website version of Sage HR, run through the checks in our other login troubleshooting guide, Employee can't log in to the web portal.

3 - Are they being prompted to enter a company workspace?

When an employee's email address is registered under more than one Sage HR company, they're prompted to enter a 'Workspace'. This is so they can specify which Sage HR company they want to log in to.

This is the bit before in your company's Sage HR URL.


If the employee is entering the wrong domain, this can cause a login error.

Are they asked to enter a Workspace?


Check the employee is entering the correct workspace. If you're unsure what yours is, it's easy to check.


If they're not asked for a workspace, move on to the next check.

4 - Check they entered the correct email address

Check they're entering the right email address in the mobile app. This must be the one that appears under Work email in their Sage HR profile.

If the email address has been entered correctly and they can log in to the web portal with it, move on to the next check.

5 - Check they entered the correct password

Check the employee hasn't typed in their password incorrectly in the mobile app.

If the password has auto-populated, enter the password manually. Their phone may have saved an incorrect password.

If the password still isn't accepted, get them to reset their password.

Issue still persisting?

If the employee still can't log only to the mobile app, ask the employee to delete the app and reinstall it.

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