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Approve employee's nomination for feedback
Approve employee's nomination for feedback

How to approve people an employee has proposed to give them 360 feedback.

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When 360 feedback is sent out for an employee, they can be given the choice to choose who will give feedback for them.

Before their nominated colleagues are notified, their direct manager must approve this.

If you are the direct manager, this task to approve appears on your dashboard.

  1. Click Review.

    A list of the nominated reviews appear.

  2. If there are reviewers you don't want to be included, click the rubbish bin icon next to their name.

  3. If there are other reviewers you wish to include, under 'Who should give feedback?', click Select employees and choose the relevant people.

  4. Choose whether you want these reviewers to be notified by email.

  5. When you're done, click Send.

Each approved reviewer gets a task (and email notification) requesting to give feedback about the employee.

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