Set up trackable documents

How to set up documents that have expiry dates.

Written by Wayne Pickard
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The documents feature within the Core HR module enables users to upload and share documents in their business and between their employees. Users can also create signable documents, to get employees to sign online.

You can use trackable documents to request specific documents from your employees and set expiry dates for those documents. You can then track when documents are set to expire, and have users be notified about upcoming expiry dates.

You can also set it up so that employees are required to upload these documents.

This is useful for documents such as:

  • Licences

  • First Aid Certificates

  • Covid Vaccination documents

  • Security clearances

How to add trackable document categories

Before you can upload a document that has an expiry date, you need to create a trackable document category.

How to upload a document to have an expiry date

You upload a document the same way but select a category that is a trackable document category that you set up earlier.

Can I edit a trackable document category?

Yes, you can do the following:

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