Add a trackable document category

How to create trackable document categories.

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You can track when someone's online documents are set to expire in Sage HR. To use this feature you must create trackable document categories.

We show you how an admin user can do this in the steps below.

  1. Click your name in the top right-hand corner, then click Settings.

  2. On the General settings menu, click Employee data.

  3. Click Trackable documents.

  4. Click Add trackable document category

    A pop-up window appears.

  5. Name the category.

  6. Enter the Document type.

    To add more than one type, click Add another document type.

  7. Click Continue.

  8. Select who needs to provide a trackable document.

    If you select Specific employees, you can select which employees you want to assign it to. If you want all current and new employees to automatically have to provide this document, select Everyone.

    After you click Save an email is sent to the selected employees with steps to upload the document type to their employee profile. The request will also appear in the My Tasks area of their dashboard when they log into Sage HR.

  9. Click Save.

This new category now shows in your trackable documents settings.

Whenever enabled, this trackable category is an option to choose from when you upload a document and need to select a category.

What changes can you make to a trackable document category?

Each trackable document category has the following actions:


What the action does

Select employees

Change which employees need to provide this type of document.


  • Edit the name for this document category.

  • Add more document types for this category.




When trackable documents are disabled, any documents, reports, tasks, and recipes related to this document category are hidden.

When trackable documents are enabled, any documents, reports, tasks, and recipes related to this document category will be visible again.

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