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1-to-1 meetings - Sage HR app
1-to-1 meetings - Sage HR app

How to manage your 1-to-1s from your phone using the Sage HR app (iOS only).

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You can now manage your 1-to-1 meetings from the iOS version of the Sage HR app.

If you need to book a new meeting, reschedule, or sign off a 1-to-1 you've already had, this can be done on the go from your phone.

View your 1-to-1s

How to view your upcoming and previous 1-to-1s.

Book a 1-to-1

How to book a meeting with your manager or employee.

Make changes to a 1 to 1

How to amend a 1-to-1 as a manager, whether this is to reschedule a meeting, cancel a meeting, or delete a meeting made in error.

Sign off a 1 to 1

Once you've had the 1-to-1 meeting, you can sign it off. Once all parties have done this, whether you're the manager, employee, or invited reviewer, the 1-to-1 shows as complete.

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