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You can easily view your 1-to-1 meetings in the Sage HR app. You can then tap on them for more details or to add any information to them.

  1. Tap Workspace

  2. Tap 1-to-1.

    You can then see your 1-to-1 meetings. They will either show in Future, Awaiting sign off, or Completed.

    You can also see your next 1-to-1 meeting from your dashboard.

    As a manager you have the option to switch to view meetings with members of your team, or your own 1-to-1s with your own manager.

  3. Tap on a 1-to-1 meeting to add or complete anything required before or after the meeting. For example, if you need to answer any questions, add a checklist item, add a comment or attachment, download a PDF with all information about the meeting etc.

  4. After you've had the meeting you can Sign it off.

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