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Sign off a 1-to-1 meeting - Sage HR app
Sign off a 1-to-1 meeting - Sage HR app

How to sign off a 1-to-1 meeting with your employee or manager on the Sage HR app.

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After you have your 1-to-1 meeting with your manager or employee, and everything for the meeting has been completed, you can sign off the meeting from your mobile phone.

📎NOTE: 1-to-1 meetings can only be amended on the iOS version of the Sage HR app.

  1. Tap Workspace

  2. Tap 1-to-1.

  3. Tap on the relevant 1-to-1 meeting to open it.

    📎NOTE: If you are an employee user, this will be in the Awaiting sign off tab after your manager has signed it off first.

  4. Scroll down to the bottom then tap Sign off 1-to-1.

  5. You're then provided an overview of the meeting. To confirm you want to sign off the meeting, tap Sign off, then tap Confirm.

    📎NOTE: Once signed off, the meeting can no longer be edited.

    An email will be sent to your employee or manager, which informs them that you have signed it off.

The 1-to-1 meeting then shows in the Awaiting sign-off tab.

This remains here until all parties sign off the meeting. Once all sign it off, it moves to Completed.

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