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Timesheets - Sage HR app
Timesheets - Sage HR app
Using the Timesheets module on your phone using the Sage HR app.
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If you use the Timesheets module to record the hours you've worked, you can use the Sage HR app to do this.

Below are a selection of guides to help you manage your timesheets on the Sage HR app.

View timesheets (iOS only)

How to view your timesheets in the Sage HR app.

Add or amend hours in a timesheet (iOS only)

You can add or edit your hours on a timesheet any time before you submit them.

Use the clock in tool

If enabled within the Timesheets settings, you can swipe to clock in and out from your Sage HR app Dashboard.

Submit timesheets (iOS only)

Once your hours have been entered on your timesheet, you can submit them for approval.

Set up timesheet reminders (iOS only)

Set up reminders for yourself so you don't forget to enter your timesheet hours and to submit them.

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