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Add or amend hours in a timesheet - Sage HR app
Add or amend hours in a timesheet - Sage HR app

How to enter hours you've worked or edit existing timesheets on your phone using the Sage HR app.

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It's easy to view your timesheets. Once you view them, you can also add hours to them or amend any hours you've entered already.

  1. Tap Workspace, then Timesheets, then browse to the relevant timesheet period.

    You can switch to past or future periods by tapping on the arrows on either side of the date.

  2. To add new hours, tap Add your hours.

    You can also tap on another day to amend existing hours.

  3. Enter your start and finish time.

  4. Select a break duration, e.g. 1 hour.

  5. If required to add a comment.

  6. When you're done adding or amending your timesheet hours, tap Save Timesheets.

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