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Set up your employees - No Sage payroll integration
Set up your employees - No Sage payroll integration

How to set up your employees in Sage HR not integrated with Sage payroll software. You do this import them or add them manually.

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📎NOTE: If you use Sage HR integrated with Sage 50 Payroll (UK only), please use our alternative guide to set up your employees.

There are two ways to set up employees if you use Sage HR with no integration with Sage payroll software. You can import them using an Excel import file, or you can add them manually.

Import your employee details

Once your Excel import file is ready, you can import your employee details into Sage HR.

This is a useful way if you need to set up multiple employees.

Manually add an employee

If you've less than ten employees, you may want to set them up individually.

Next steps

Once you have set up and entered your employees into Sage HR, you're ready to set up the Core HR module.

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