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Set up Employees

There are two ways to set up employees in your Sage HR:

Set up Core Sage HR

Set up user access levels and permissions

Assign the access levels your employees will have to Sage HR.

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Set up teams and team managers

Create your teams, then assign team managers and employees to each team.

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Set up company structure

The org chart shows the structure of your company.
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Set up positions

Create all the job positions you have in your company and then assign to employees.

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Set up Employment Statuses

To help you manage your employees, you can set up different employment statuses.

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Set up Locations

You can use locations for grouping employees and for running reports.
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Set up recipes

Using recipes, you can create custom workflows that are automated after specific actions.

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Additional set up tasks

Set up announcements

Publish news and updates for your employees.
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Set up custom fields

Use custom fields to add useful information to your employee records.
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Set up onboarding

Organise your onboarding process for new starters.
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Set up offboarding

Organise your offboarding process for leavers.
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Set up compensation

Keep track of your employees salaries.
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Set up assets

Create assets and track which employees have them.
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Set up training

Configure training settings to able to add training for employees

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Launch Sage HR to employees

Customise Sage HR to your company

Add your company logo and change Sage HR header colour to fit your brand.
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Invite your employees to Sage HR

Once you've set everything up, including additional modules if you have them, you can let your employees know about Sage HR.
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Set up Additional modules

If you have additional modules as well as Core HR, you will want to set these up too.

Leave Management
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Shift Scheduling
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