Sage HR - Setup checklist

What to do before you set up Sage HR.

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Before you set up Sage HR, we recommend you complete the following preparation tasks and checks.

1. Sign up for a trial

If you've not already done so, you must sign up for a trial for Sage HR before you set up Sage HR.

2. Download Import template

To help you set up your employees, you can download our template to import multiple employees into Sage HR.

3. Check your employee email addresses

Your employees will use the email address you set them up with to log into Sage HR. This means it is crucial you make the following checks:

  • All email addresses are accurate and up to date

  • Email addresses are unique for each employee. Don’t use duplicate or shared email addresses as each employee will use

  • Email addresses are case-sensitive in Sage HR, so ensure they are all lowercase

If an employee only has a personal email address and it is considered unsuitable, or they don't want it to be visible in Sage HR, there are settings available to allow employees not to see their colleagues' email addresses,

We advise you to use a work or formal email address for the employee's profile.

4. What to make your employees aware of

We advise you to make your employees aware of the following:

Don't access Sage HR until you send them their welcome email

Your employees won't be able to log in to your Sage HR company until they receive a welcome email.

This welcome email will be what they use to create their Sage account login. They don't create a Sage account by going to the Sage HR website

Who their HR or Payroll admin contact is

Make your employees aware of who their payroll or HR admin contact is. This is so they know who to contact if they have a HR query or an issue using Sage HR.

Next steps

Once you've made these checks, you can start setting up your employees.

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