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Sage HR Newsletter - July 2021
Sage HR Newsletter - July 2021

Useful tips and advice when using Sage HR.

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It's July, which means we're right in the middle of summer! With this in mind we've put together some helpful tips and reminders of how to do certain things in Sage HR, including the new ways to request time off, as well as how to keep track of company assets and your employees' eSignatures.

Multiple ways to request time off

It's that time of year where you are likely to have many employees wanting to request time off to have a summer holiday. Just remember that it's easy for your employee to do this, as well as for you to do it for them if necessary.

There are now multiple REQUEST TIME OFF buttons on different pages within Sage HR, not forgetting employees' ability to request time off on their phone using the Sage HR app.

For more information on how to request time off, including finding out the new different avenues you can do this in Sage HR - Read more >

Are you tracking your company assets?

Do you have company assets that your employees use or borrow? Whether it is a company car, or a work mobile. You can use Sage HR to keep track of what company assets you have, and who has them currently.

Once you have set up your assets, you can simply mark in Sage HR when an asset has been given to or returned from an employee.

For more information on how to set up assets - Read more >

Track documents that have been signed digitally

If you didn't already know, in Sage HR you can create documents that can be signed digitally.

One of the advantages of these is easily being able to track who has has not signed a document.

For more information on how to keep track of signatures - Read more >

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