By default, the first user who creates your Sage HR account has administrator access rights. An administrator can see all fields, edit all fields, and do everything in Sage HR.

To get to Admin permissions:

  1. Click your email address in the top-right hand corner, then click Settings.

  2. On the settings menu, click Permissions, then click Admin.

On this page are listed all the current employees with admin rights.

To remove their access to settings, clear the check box next to them under Can access settings, then click Save.

Sage HR Online Services only

If you use Sage HR Online Services, which is Sage HR integrated with Sage 50 Payroll, you also have two other admin settings options.

  • View Employee's Payslips & P60s - This is selected by default, and means the admin can view all payslips and P60s of other employees.

  • Manage Access to Payslips & P60s - If you select this, the admin can control whether other admins can view employees payslips and P60s.

📎NOTE: Only the original admin, the account that set up Sage HR Online Services, can grant this level of access to other admins.

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