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Timesheets general settings

Choose which settings you want to apply to your timesheets.

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Only employees with administrator or timesheets administrator access can access these settings.

To get to Timesheets general settings follow these steps:

  1. Click on your name in the top right, then click Settings.

  2. On the settings menu click Timesheets, then click General.

It is completely optional what settings you want to apply, as well as dependant on how your company runs.

📌TIP: Make sure to click Save at the bottom of the screen if any changes are made.

Timesheet administrators

This is where you can add people to have access to Timesheets settings.


If Allow employees to export their own timesheets reports is enabled, employees can download a report of their timesheets for the selected period.

Time off policies

Here you can select which time off policies will automatically adjust worked hours in timesheets.

You have an option to override already approved timesheet hours when editing time off requests. If selected, an email with changes will be sent to timesheets admins

Public holidays

You can set up your timesheets so that public holidays in your calendar automatically reflect on timesheets as zero worked on that day. This is useful for businesses that don't work during public holidays

📌TIP: An employee can manually edit the timesheet hours for that day if they need to work on a public holiday for whatever reason.

Timesheet period

This controls the length of the period you want to appear on the timesheet.

Decide whether you want the timesheet period to show:

  • Weekly

  • Bi-weekly

  • Monthly

  • Semi-monthly

You can also decide when a new timesheet should be generated.

Timesheet pre-filling

You can enable to have timesheets automatically pre-filled for employees. This means employees only have to make amendments where there are differences to the hours they usually or were expected to work.

  • Don’t pre-fill – If you choose this option, hours will have to be manually entered into the timesheets

  • Pre-fill from working pattern – If you choose to create working patterns as part of your Timesheets set up, hours specified in them show pre-filled on timesheets. Employees can be assigned to different working patterns.

  • Pre-fill from scheduling – This only shows if you have the Shift Scheduling module. If you have added shifts in the schedule, you can link your timesheets to shift scheduling so that it pre-fills timesheets with the hours set in scheduled shifts.

Timesheet viewing

This controls what you want to have showing on a timesheet.

  • Contract hours column - This shows working hours defined in working pattern

  • Difference column - This shows the difference between working pattern and the actual hours worked

  • Total overtime hours above timesheet

  • Timesheets for future periods - If enabled, timesheets until the end of the year are made available. Useful for forecasting and planning work

Timesheet editing and submitting

This allows you to control whether employees can edit their timesheet hours and limit what they can add.

📎NOTE: Some options may not be available if you've enabled clock-in.

  • Automatically submit timesheet for an employee if they're away for a whole timesheet period

  • Allow employees to edit hours worked to be less than hours in their working pattern - When not selected, an employee can only add overtime. Timesheet managers and admins can still edit hours to be less than the working pattern

  • Allow employees to edit workday - If not selected employees can't edit the start and end times individually when they click on the selected day

  • Allow to edit start and end times in main timesheet view - If not selected employees only see the total hours for each day in the main timesheet view. They can still edit start and end time individually when they click on the selected day, but only if Allow employees to edit workdays is selected

  • Allow employees to specify the exact start and end time for breaks

  • Limit length of break time - You can choose how many minutes it can't be less than, and whether it applies to a whole shift or if a certain amount of hours are worked

Alert about difference from working pattern

You can control whether you want alert icons to show on a timesheet for certain scenarios:

  • If hours are different from working pattern

  • If hours are more than in working pattern

  • If hours are more than a specified number of hours

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