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Your steps to add an employee vary depending on if your Sage HR integrates with Sage 50cloud Payroll (UK only).

Do you use Sage HR integrated with Sage 50cloud Payroll?

Add an employee - Sage HR

📎NOTE: These steps are for Sage HR not integrated with Sage 50cloud Payroll (UK only)

  1. From the main menu, click Company. Make sure you are on the Directory tab.

  2. Click Add.

  3. Enter the employee's First name and Last name.

  4. Enter the employee's work email.

    ⚠️CAUTION: You must make sure this email address is live and correct. Confirm this email address before following the rest of the steps.

  5. Enter the employee start date.

  6. If required, you can upload profile photo for the employee by clicking the Green camera button.

  7. Clear the Send welcome email check box.

    📌TIP: We recommend to clear this so you only send invitations to all your employees once you have set everything up in Sage HR. If you select Send welcome email, the employee may log in to Sage HR before you have fully set them up.

  8. Click Create account.

  9. If required you can select relevant Account settings such as their Position, Direct manager, Team, Location and Right to work evidence.

    If you have the Leave Management and/or the Timesheets module you can also select settings such as time off policies, time off approvers, Timesheets group and a Timesheets working pattern.

  10. Click Save.

All Account settings you can amend or sort out later when required.

Add an employee if you have Sage HR Online Services (Sage HR integrated with Sage 50cloud Payroll) - UK Only

If you have Sage HR integrated with Sage 50cloud Payroll, how to add the employee depends on whether they appear on your employee list in Payroll yet.

Please follow the steps in our Sage HR Online Services guide.

Next steps

If you're setting up Sage HR for the first time, once you've added all your existing employees you're ready to set up the Core HR module.

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