Shift Scheduling permissions

Allow who you want access to scheduling settings, adding shifts, and reports.

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There are five different permission levels in scheduling:

  • Administrators - This is the main Sage HR administrator access level. They can see and do everything in the system

  • Scheduling administrators - A unique employee who can see and do everything in the Shift Scheduling module. They have access to the Scheduling tab in the Settings menu, and can add and edit shifts

  • Schedule group managers - Has the ability to add and edit shifts, but only for employees assigned to their schedule group

  • Employees using shift scheduling - Can use the schedule module to see their shifts and add their availability

  • Employees not using shift scheduling - no access to the scheduling module

📎NOTE: Only full administrators and scheduling administrators can access scheduling settings and all schedule groups.

Set up Scheduling Administrators

Give specific user admin access to the Shift Scheduling module.

Add Schedule group managers

Once you have set up scheduling groups, you can add a manager for a schedule group.

Add employees to a schedule group

Once you have set up scheduling groups, you can assign employees to schedule groups.

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