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A guide to using 1-to-1s
A guide to using 1-to-1s

As part of the Performance module, you can set up 1-to-1s with your colleagues.

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Making time for regular conversations with your colleagues is essential in building trust, helping employees stay inspired and aligned.

The 1-to-1 feature is there to help you prepare and hold your most productive 1-to-1s ever, whether it is in a meeting room or connecting online.

Typical uses for it could be for your weekly and monthly check-ins, a performance review, or perhaps an end-of-probation meeting. Whatever it is for, it is easy to set up and use. Check out our guides below to see how.

Set up 1-to-1s

Configure your settings for 1-to-1s, such as enabling it, and customising your 1-to-1 templates.

View your 1-to-1s

You can easily view your future or previous 1-to1s. Either your own via your profile or a dashboard showing all 1-to-1s for your employees if you are an admin or direct manager in Sage HR.

Book a 1-to-1

Once set up, it's easy to book a 1-to-1 with an employee or even your own manager.

📌TIP: An admin can set up a review cycle to create a reminder for a 1-to-1 to be booked.

Prepare for your 1-to-1

When a 1-to-1 has been booked, you can open it to complete any tasks that need to be done in preparation. Whether that is to list items you wish to go over in the meeting, add goals, fill out a survey, attach supporting documents etc.

Sign off a 1-to-1

After a 1-to-1 has taken place, before it can be deemed as complete, both manager and employee must sign it off as confirmation that they are happy the meeting has been completed to their satisfaction.

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