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What's the difference between a Team Manager and Direct Manager?
What's the difference between a Team Manager and Direct Manager?

The difference between team managers and direct managers, how to edit them, and how to change their permissions.

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There are two distinct types of managers in Sage HR:

📎NOTE: The reason they are separated is because in larger companies a team manager is not always your direct manager and vice versa. In addition it gives you, as admin of the account, more control over who has access to specific parts of employee data.

Below we will run through the differences between the two and how to edit them.

Direct managers

Direct managers are based on the company org chart. This is the person in the company who has subordinates based on the org chart structure. This means they can access all employees who are one level directly under them.

You can easily edit who is a direct manager for employees.

Team managers

Team managers are based on team settings. This is the person who is responsible for a specific function in your company (Marketing, Sales, etc.). Employees who are managers to one or multiple team can access all employees in their team(s).

You can easily add someone to be manager of a team.

Edit Direct Manager and Team Manager permissions

  1. Click on on your name on the top right.

  2. Click Settings, then click Permissions on the settings menu.

  3. Click Team managers.

  4. Scroll down until you reach some check boxes.

5. Select what access you want Team managers and Direct managers to have.

6. Click Save.

For more information on manager permissions - Read more >

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