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Who can see my Survey answers?
Who can see my Survey answers?

If you are asked to participate in a Survey in Sage HR, your answers are anonymous.

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When you submit answers in a survey you've been asked to complete in Sage HR, all all answers are kept anonymous.

What does this mean?

  • The answers you provide to questions in a Survey are not associated to your name in Survey results

  • There is no such feature that allows to see how answers in a Survey are connected to people

  • A Sage HR Administrator (highest level of access in your Sage HR) is not able to reveal a person behind certain answers in a Survey

  • As a service provider, Sage HR will not publish the Survey results associated to respondents on request. This is to protect one's safety or comply to a decision of an executive government body

  • It is possible to filter survey results by Team, Location, Direct manager and period of time. If there is a small number of respondents in a Survey, it is potentially possible to guess who the respondent might be, based on the filtered results.

📎NOTE: The Performance module in Sage HR also provides Feedback functionality which may have different behaviour.

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