Direct managers have access to engagement surveys and can see:

  • Overall company score

  • Overall team scores from all teams where their employees are part of (using filters).

When filtering by Teams, data is narrowed to the employees that are:

  • Direct reports of this manager

  • Report to this manager according to the Depth setting in Performance module

  • Are in this manager's managed Performance group

📎NOTE: If an employee has changed a team and a direct manager after Engagement survey has been sent out, then their new direct manager might see their old team when browsing the reports of Engagement survey shared with him. Nevertheless, the answers reported by this employee will be registered to a team they belonged to at the time the survey was sent out.

How do I share the survey results with a manager?

In order for direct managers to be able to access engagement survey reports, an administrator first needs to share results with them for each engagement survey individually, by clicking on Share with managers:

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