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Permission levels in Recruitment
Permission levels in Recruitment

Recruitment "group" permissions for Group administrator, Hiring manager, Interviewer, and External recruiter

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Sage HR's flexible "Group" setup helps to configure permissions exactly as you need.

Each group can be nested under other group and this way allowing to set up a hierarchical structure of permissions.

Each group can have employees with the following access levels:

  • Group administrator

  • Hiring manager

  • Interviewer

  • External recruiter - Can only see the specific jobs they are helping to recruit for. They can only see applicants who they themselves have uploaded to the account (i.e. they cannot see applicants who apply through a job board or careers page). External recruiters can see an applicants Timeline and perform some basic actions. They cannot evaluate candidates (score cards) or see scorecard evaluations from the internal team.

Here is a list of permissions for all of these groups:

Who can access and send practical tasks?

Practical task templates can be created via Settings therefore it is possible only for a user with administrator-level access to the Recruitment module, or for a system admin.

Practical tasks can be sent to applicant by users with following level of access:

Who can access Recruitment reports?

While the Recruitment admin and System admin are able to see all reports, a Hiring group admin will see data that is relevant to their group.

The hiring manager has access to reports too, with data limited to the applicants the Hiring manager is assigned to

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