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How to add someone from outside your company and assign them as an external recruiter.

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It is possible to assign someone as an external recruiter as part of your hiring team in a recruitment group.

📎NOTE: An external recruiter can only see the specific jobs they are helping to recruit for. They can only see applicants who have uploaded themselves to the account (i.e. they can't see applicants who apply through a job board or careers page). External recruiters can see an applicant's timeline and perform some basic actions. They can't evaluate candidates (scorecards) or see scorecard evaluations from the internal team.

You can only assign someone as an external recruiter if they exist in Sage HR with their own profile. This means if you want to add someone outside the business you need to add them as a user first, then assign them as an external recruiter.

We'll show you how to do this in the steps below.

  1. Click on the ➕ at the top, then click New employee

    Alternatively, on the main menu, click Company, then click Add.

  2. Enter the user's:

    • First name and Last name

    • Email address

      ⚠️CAUTION: This email will be what they use to log in. You must make sure this email address is the correct email address for the external recruiter, and ensure it has no spelling mistakes. Make sure you enter it correctly before following the rest of the steps. We advise to avoid entering it with capitalisations.

    • Start date - As you won't be running reports for this user it doesn't matter what the date is.

  3. To have the welcome email send straight away, select the Send welcome email check box.

  4. Click Create account.

    If you're presented with options such as time off policies, position teams etc. you do not need to select any of these for this type of user. If you're given a message to select a time off approver, just select an admin.

    If you integrate with Sage 50 Payroll and are presented with an option to send the employee record to Sage 50 Payroll, select the Skip for now checkbox, then click Save.

  5. On the main menu, click Company, then click on the newly created profile.

  6. Enter any additional details you think are relevant to them.

    For example, their phone number or business address.

    ​If you integrate with Sage 50 Payroll select This employee doesn't need to be in Sage 50cloud Payroll. This makes the 'Missing payroll information' error disappear'

  7. Save any changes.

  8. Click on your name on the top right, then click Settings.

  9. On the settings menu, click Recruitment, then click Groups.

  10. On the relevant recruitment group, click on the pencil icon.

  11. Now select the external recruiter profile you created earlier.

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