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Using the Recruitment module
Move applicant to another position or pool
Move applicant to another position or pool

In the recruitment module, how to assign an applicant to a different position or candidate pool.

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When you create an applicant profile, you assign them them to a position or a pool.

If you want to assign them to a different position or pool, you can do this within their applicant profile.

  1. On the main menu click Recruitment.

  2. On the Applicants tab, then click the relevant applicant.

  3. Click the Actions dropdown then click Move.

  4. If you have another connected Sage HR company, select the relevant company.

  5. On the Move to dropdown, click the position or pool you want to move the applicant to.

    📎NOTE: If you select After moving open selected position, this means the position or pool you're moving them to will become open.

  6. Click Move.

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