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How to add applicants who have applied for positions to be recruited.

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When you have people who have applied to your vacant positions, you can add them as an applicant in your recruitment module.

📎NOTE: To follow these steps you must have admin access to the Recruitment module.

  1. On the main menu click Recruitment.

  2. On the Applicants tab, click Add applicant.

    Alternatively, on the Position tab, click on the position the applicant has applied for, then click Add applicants.

You have three ways to add them.

Add applicant manually

  1. Click Add manually.

  2. Enter their first and last name.

  3. Enter their email address.

  4. Select the position they're applying for.

  5. Select the source for the applicant e.g. Your career page, recruiter, friend referral etc.

  6. Click Save. Alternatively, if you have another applicant click Save & add another.

Your applicant is now listed.

If you click on their name this opens their applicant profile. If you click Actions, then click Edit, you can amend their details as well as add their address, date of birth and a summary for them.

Add applicant by uploading CV

If the applicant has submitted a CV, you can use this autofill some details when you add the applicant.

  1. Click Upload CV.

  2. Either drop the file or click the link and browse to your file to upload.

  3. Once done, the system will try to auto-populate some fields from the uploaded CV.

    📎NOTE: There may be some fields you need to correct or complete that haven't auto-populated.

  4. Select the position and source of the applicant.

  5. Click Save.

Your applicant is now listed.

Add applicant via excel import

  1. Click Import from excel.

  2. To import the applicant, you need to use our import template. If you haven't already got it, click Download template.

  3. Fill out the relevant details.

    📎NOTE: Don't make any changes to the first two rows.

    📎NOTE: Stages listed in the 'Workflow stage' must be an exact match with the stages in your Sage HR workflow for the selected position (e.g. Applied, Phone screen, Interview etc.). If this field is left blank or isn't an exact match, the candidate will be placed in the first stage by default.

    📎NOTE: The ‘Created at’ date is usually the date an applicant applied for the position. The format must be formatted as “date”. If this field is left blank the creation date for the applicant will be the date of the import.

    📎NOTE: Any comments added. the default author of them will be "Sage HR".

  4. After you have a completed template ready, on the Import applicants window, click Select file, then browse to and select the relevant files.

  5. If everyone in the template is applying for the same position, select the position the applicant(s) has applied for.

  6. Wait a few moments for the import to finish. You will then be given confirmation whether the applicants have been successfully imported or not. If any fail you are told what the error has been.

  7. Click Close.

Your imported applicants are now listed.

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