Add a candidate pool

How to create a new candidate pool.

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A candidate pool is for a collection of applicants that don't yet belong to a specific position. For example, people you might want to reach out to later when a new position opens up.

  1. Click Recruitment.

  2. Within the Positions tab, click Add pool.

  3. Within Pool information, name the candidate pool.

  4. Assign a location.

  5. Within the Scorecard tab, select a scorecard to assign to this pool.

    You can make changes to the scorecard you select.

  6. Within Hiring team, select a recruitment group to assign this pool to, then select the pool's hiring managers/Interviews.

  7. When done, click Add pool.

The pool is available to select when you create a new applicant or want to move an applicant from a position to another position/pool.

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