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2FA for a shared admin email address

What to do if you share a Sage account login for Sage HR that has Two Factor Authentication (2FA) enabled.

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2FA adds extra security to your Sage account. Every time you log in, you need to provide a code to verify it's you. This could be from an authentication app, text or voicemail message.

As 2FA can only be set up for one device for each user at a time. If for example, you share an admin login with multiple people, only one person has access to authenticate with their device.

We don't advise sharing logins for Sage HR for security reasons. Sharing account details can lead to unauthorised access and difficulty tracking changes made to your data.

If you want multiple people to have admin access, create additional admin profiles.

Add additional admins

You can either:

  • Give a user's existing employee profile in Sage HR admin access

  • Create a new user profile and give that admin access

📎NOTE: If you have multiple companies, you must do this in each company that they need admin access for.

📌TIP: If you create a separate admin profile, when you enter their First and Last name, we recommend you enter a name that indicates that they are an admin-only profile.

Example 1

First name - John (Admin)
Last name - Smith


First name - HR Admin
Last name - 2

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