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Set up permissions - Sage HR Essentials
Set up permissions - Sage HR Essentials

Control your user permissions within Sage HR Essentials.

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You can assign access levels to your employees, as well as configure their permissions. This controls what they have access to in Sage HR Essentials.

📎NOTE: These permissions don't affect Sage Payroll.

User access levels

The access levels determine what your employees can see and do in Sage HR Essentials when they sign in to Sage HR.

There are four access levels:

  • Administrator

  • Employee

  • Direct Manager

  • Accountant

Assign access levels to your employees

  1. Click Company, then on the Directory tab, click the relevant employee.

  2. From the Access level drop-down, select Employee, Accountant or Administrator.

  3. Click Save.

📎NOTE: To assign someone as a direct manager, you need to assign them as one from within another employee's profile.

📌TIP: If you want to create an admin profile not associated with an existing employee payroll record, you can add a user manually in Sage HR Essentials and then give that new profile admin access.

Permissions settings

These settings allow you to tailor the different access levels.

  1. Click your name in the top right-hand corner.

  2. Click Settings, on the settings menu, click Permissions.

There are five different permissions groups:

Global permissions

These permissions settings apply to all users, including admin users. You can control what fields appear in user profiles.

Admin permissions

Here you can view any employees with administrator access rights and enable or disable access to Settings.

Employee permissions

These are the settings you can manage to control what employees can see or do in Sage HR Essentials,

Direct manager permissions

A direct manager is someone who has a subordinate that they manage. In an employee profile, you can assign them a direct manager. Their permissions are only relevant to the employees they manage.

Accountant permissions

A user assigned to this role has access to time off reports.

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