You can create onboarding tasks for when new hires are set to arrive, or have started at your company.

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  1. Click on your name on the top right, then click Settings.

  2. Click ONBOARDING, then click Tasks.

  3. Click ADD TASK.

πŸ“ŽNOTE: If you have the Performance module activated, you have a choice of onboarding tasks after you click ADD TASK.

4. Enter a Title and a Description of your task.

5. Define how long before the Task has to be completed

6. If needed, select whether or not an Attachment is required.

πŸ“ŽNOTE: If an attachment is required, the task will not be completed unless the assignee attaches a document.

7. When you select someone to be assigned the task by default, when you onboard a new hire, this task will be set to them. Your you can always change this depending on the situation.

8. Click SAVE.

πŸ“ŒTIP: To save time you can automate repetitive onboarding tasks - Read more >

You are now ready to onboard your new hires by assigning tasks.

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